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Lostprophets [Dec. 19th, 2006|01:45 pm]

Damn, on Saturday we (that is to say, me and my two sisters) went to see the Lostprophets in concert, it was so. freakin'. AMAZING.
Everyone was jumping around like crazy, it was boiling as hell and everyone was singing along, it was just so much fun. Now I totally want to see Rise Against in concert.
Thank you St. Nicolas (parents) for getting us those tickets on the 6th. You rock almost as much as the band. Almost.

So, the foreband, The New 1920 were great too, very very good, I'd like to see more of them, the second foreband (The Blackout) was a waste of time in my opinion (by the way, I'm not sure how many bands there are with that name, but the one we saw was just... ugh). All they did was a load of primitive screaming, (Dude I came for the music, I can scream down a mike at home myself thank you very much.) and their playing didn't sound much like music either. And they were just trying to sell their album. I mean... fair enough you want to sell, but we hear them the first time they mentioned it.
And the second.
And third.
Fourth, Fifth, Sixth...

And the Lostprophets... hell. During the first two bands it was relatively calm, we were near the middle/back in front of the lights-dashboard-whatever-you-call-it-I-don't-know-lots-of-switches-box, leaning against the bars.
When the Lostprophets started playing we kinda decided we were in danger of getting crushed against these bars and we tried to move to the front. We got properly into the crowd and the temperature instantly shot up like... 10 degrees or something.

Damn, we got second row! We could actually see the band :XD:
Sooooo awesome.
At first it was kinda strange getting pushed about and everything (first concert :XD), but after a while we really got into it and were joining in with the rest of the crowd.
Heh- it was like a fullbody workout. Good thing the security guys were passing water through the first few rows.
Somebody actually collapsed near the end. As the leadsinger put it "We have a casualty of Rock."
People were crowddiving the whole time, and the leadsinger and the guitarrist did stagediving XD People kept trying to steal their shoes.

We came out of there, it looked as if we'd had a shower, we were soaked through and our clothes just kind of instantly turned to ice when we stepped outside (so cold... brrrr). Okay, I exaggerated a bit, but we were greatful to be picked up by my father in the car, instead of having to go by train.
Dude, I sat on a receipt by accident and when I got up it was just a piece of paper mush. That's how wet we were XD
Even my belt was wet.

So anyway, check out the Lostprophets if you have a chance, they're really great (and no, I'm not biased just because I'm Welsh. :XD: Oh god, and there was Welsh people at the concert and it's so great to hear people with a Welsh accent again. And the Germans didn't understand what the hell the singer was on about most of the time :D
Ian: "Do you want to go home?"
Crowd: "Nooooooo!"
Ian: "Are you sure?"
Crowd: "Noooooo!"
Ian: "?! What?"
He made some sort of comment about it then which was pretty entertaining, even more so because only English speakers laughed at it :) Poor Germans.

PS: I think I totally messed up on my Chemistry test. And it's the week before the holidays, so I don't even care. (I'll probably care when I get it back XD.) I'm totally ditching Chemistry at the end of the year.

PPS: Crossposted to my DA Account