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Endings and Beginnings [Mar. 2nd, 2008|02:08 pm]
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(Crossposted from Deviantart)

There's a lot of stuff been going on recently, but now, finally, I'm in my last year of school and racing towards the end.
After almost 13 years of school I'm glad it's coming to an end. I feel a lot of it was wasted, but actually, a lot of my artistic talent was developed during school XD
No thank to the teachers of course who were frequently removing pencil and paper from my possession by force to stop me drawing during their lessons, but many an inspired drawing was created during boring geography lessons and my bag was stuffed with drawings every day I returned from primary school.
So that's finally done with, I'm in the middle of my main final tests and the first one has gone well I think, so I'm not terribly worried.

I'm currently finishing up my portfolio that I will be handing in at an artschool tomorrow to apply. Wish me luck, I'll need it :)

Right, so school is ending.
Um... Anybody out there remember This?
I was actually serious about that but somhow never had the time/courage/motivation to actually sit down and throw myself into it.
(Oh God, was that really almost a year ago?! I'm pathetic. And school is a bitch.)

After school I will seriously begin working on my artistic abilities, hopefully on a whole new level, and hopefully artschool will also help me there.
My absolute dream is one day to put down the ideas floating around in my head in comic form, but I have a long way to go until there, but I do want to do it.

As previously stated I feel stuck, but believe I am able to do a whole lot more.
I've come this far, I now the only thing keeping me from going further is a bit of courage to actually take the first step, and a whole lot of hard work.
There's no reason I can't improve.

I will have a lot of spare time to begin with after school and in that time I will start working towards my goal.
(You're welcome to come kick my arse around if you feel I'm not doing it :) )

So that's it considering past and future for now...

Updated my Deviantart page with some Aesop's Fables Pictures.

Saw Bullet for my Valentine live in Hamburg on the 16th of February, they were great and apart from a few bruises I received from various moshpits, circlepits and walls of death I survived XD There's quite a few good bands coming round our way soon, hope I have the time/money to go see all of them...

On a final note, I'm really looking forward to the Easter Holidays. I mean, I always do, it's just this time it's a sort of honest looking-forward-to-holidays thing and not just the "oh-my-god-I-finally-don't-have-school-for-a-bit-again" and then I just collapse over the holidays and do squat.
It's just "I'm looking forward to my holidays because they're holidays."

Did that even make sense?

PS: An extremely belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.
I love you all!

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You know rubber gloves...? [Feb. 25th, 2007|06:57 pm]
You know when you blow them up? You get that fat hand shape with the stubby little fingers? Well my right hand kinda looks like that right now. :XD:


Anyway, the last week has been pretty eventful I guess. Though this year seems to have been overall very eventful so far...

Anyway, on Thursday we went to the Stone Sour concert in Hamburg, which was totally awesome.
It was a lot rougher than the Lostprophets one, but damn, was it fun. One big Pogo-Party + Moshpit.
(We're quite glad we survived without any lasting injuries or being crushed to death :))
Our group must have been among the youngest people there. (And smallest *cough*)
Okay, I'm 18, my sister is 15, then she had two friends with her who are 14 and one of her friends bought his exchange partner (17) from Cambridge.

Leon was pretty out of place there, he's more into HipHop :XD: He was hilarious actually, when the mic testers came onstage he asked if they were the band, then he asked if he had to dance or anything and was he allowed to push people back if they pushed him. :D
But he really got into it once it started and just went along with everything.

So that day I was in bed about half past one at night only to get up at six the next day to go to lesson Zero. Not fun. I went back to bed after school :D

Saturday mornig then was the day of the competition. Seven o' clock we met on our organizer's parking space to drive down to Hannover.
The trip once again was really fun, pity you spend so much time sitting around at the competition itself.
I got third place at fighting, losing my first fight by only one point and winning the second. Which disappoints me a bit, because I could have won the first :(
(One thing that really bugs me is that my helmet kept slipping up over my chin when I was hit, in which case I would turn away because I couldn't see and was scared of getting hit properly... maybe my head's too small...)
With kata then I think I came fourth, which was okay, because I've only had my black belt for a week and was up against people who'd had them for longer (some of them even second Dan or higher.
I could have started in the lower category (brown belt) and thrashed everyone there because they's managed to put me down wrong as a brown belt (and I had my brown belt with me).
I decided against it though... It just seemed wrong and I wanted to have real competition.

Bleh.. about the hand... I already bruised my right hand on Monday at training and then again on wednesday. In my first fight on Saturday I hurt it again and it started to swell up.
Sometime in the last fight I noticed I couldn't make a proper fist anymore... and the last punch (which actually got me my winning point) really did it in. My hand was about three times the size it normally is, with a huge blue swelling which went from the middle joints of my three smaller fingers all across my knuckles and the back of my hand. It looked quite disgusting.
Cool Packs are currently my best friend.
Which means I can't do my self portrait for art. And can't draw this weekend.

On a happier note...

I'm writing this... in my room... on my brand new shiny laptop. Which is beautiful. My belated birthday present.
Damn, it's lovely.
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Thank goodness that's over... [Feb. 11th, 2007|04:38 pm]
[music |Ill Nino]

We had a weekend karate/martial arts seminar yesterday and today.

We did quite a lot of weapons training which was really fun. (Dude, I got to wave around the meanest machete they had :XD:) And sticks and wooden knifes and a rope and... uh yeah :XD:
Apart from that some karate training...

And I passed my Blackbelt exam... phew.
And got my trainer's license.

No more exams for at the very very least two years for me.

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Some happies and a recap [Jan. 3rd, 2007|04:33 pm]
First off, Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you had nice celebrations and that this year turns out to be a good one.

On another note, it was my birthday yesterday, I'm 18, I'm now officially grown up :P

Which I don't feel - but hey :XD:

Anyway, I got a fantastic anatomy book with awesome drawings in it (<3 It's so pretty), a guitar stand, a music stand, a calligraphy set, money and I'm getting a laptop that hasn't arrived yet.

In the afternoon my dad, my sister and I went to the cinema to see "The Departed", which was a great film by the way :) My Dad mentioned that it was my eighteenth birthday when buying the tickets and the woman at the till said, "Oh well, she can go in for free then!" :o :D
I thought that was very nice of her.

In the evening we went to a nice little Italian restaurant across the road from where we live. <3 their antipasto.


Anyway, I decided to take this as an excuse to do a little recap of the past year.

All in all it felt horribly short, and, as opposed to last year, it felt like an all-around not so good year, though I can't exactly say why. It's just a feeling.

Partially I think it's because I'm in the year before last of school and don't have much idea of where I'm going, plus, my motivation in all things school-related has taken a severe dip this year.

Looking back though, there were quite a few good things about the past year, and I think more happened than I thought.

On the 12th of January I joined Deviantart. I met loads of great people and artists and still enjoy it as much as the first day. I probably spend more time here than I should, but I enjoy it.

Greatest Achievement

· In February I passed the exam to the third brown belt (Karate)

The Good

· In March, I was given a free 3 Month subscription by Ogfaen, thank you!
· School trip to Paris
· Aquired 144+ Copic Markers
· Did a work experience at a bookshop
· Got paid for training kids at karate
· Summer Holiday in Great Britain, bought loads of books (~25)
· Saw shooting stars for the first time in my life
· The Football World Cup in Germany
· Getting an Electric Guitar and taking lessons
· Lostprophets Concert

The Bad

· My school-related motivation took a gigantic nosedive
· While we were on summer holidays the jackass who owns a restaurant almost next door to the dojo decided to set it on fire to collect money for the damages, luckily he was found out.
Our dojo itself did not burn down but had smoke damage that prevented us from training for around two months. There are flats above the shops and things there, people could have died. I hope that guy has a really bad-tempered cell mate.

Top Movies
· Cars
· The Departed

Album of the Year
· Rise against - The Sufferer and the Witness

Things to look forward to in 2007

· Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
· Black Belt Exam
· My WiPo teacher leaving
· Being able to ditch a bunch of subjects after this term
· Being able to write my own excuses (Being 18 and all...)

2005 if I remember correctly was the Year of Socks.
There seemed to be a lot of them

2006 was the Year of Music and Manga.

I discovered several great manga this year, the best being Deathnote, others including Bleach, Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist.
The year before I think I'd already started collecting Detective Conan/Case Closed, this year my collection has grown to exactly 99 mangas.

Towards the summer I finally discovered Rise Against, and with them, music I actually liked. Since then I have found several bands with great music and have finally found music I like. Before this year I hardly listened to any music at all and had no bands I liked.
Finally taking an interest in music I also found the only intrument that has ever really appealed to me - the electric guitar.
Towards the autumn holidays my parents finally bought me one, after a couple of weeks I was signed up for lessons.
As it were with me, if I enjoy something, I work my ass off for it, I am very ambitious about learning to play well and am progressing pretty quickly as far as I can tell.

So looking back, maybe 2006 wasn't as bad or short as it felt, it had its ups and downs.
I think (or more hope) that 2007 will be a better year.

Resolutions/Plans for the New Year

· Work hard at electric Guitar and Karate
· Get my Black Belt
· Learn to Drive
· Figure out a way to earn money
· Draw More, Draw Better
· Get out of the Christms Eating Frenzy I've fallen into

I think I'm done.

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A late Merry Christmas! [Dec. 27th, 2006|05:33 pm]
[music |30 Seconds to Mars]

Deviantart is currently in read-only mode, so I thought I'd post here :) Maintenance mode scares me.

A belated Merry Christmas to everyone, hope yours was as great as mine!
I got three DVDs, socks, books, some random bits and bobs and a shiny new set of Copic Markers :)
So many lovely new colours :D
I spent most of the morning filling in a colour chart to test them.

Later we had a great Christmas dinner with turkey and whatnot and watched the Chronicles of Narnia in the evening.

I seem to have turned into a mindless eating machine over Christmas. Too many sweets, chocolate, biscuits and good food.

On boxing day we went to the Chinese restaurant with a bunch of friend to have Peking duck. It was delicious. Damn did I stuff my face. Afterwards they came over to our place and we played "Activity" which caused a lot of mirth and merriment. Especially the pantomimes.

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Lostprophets [Dec. 19th, 2006|01:45 pm]

Damn, on Saturday we (that is to say, me and my two sisters) went to see the Lostprophets in concert, it was so. freakin'. AMAZING.
Everyone was jumping around like crazy, it was boiling as hell and everyone was singing along, it was just so much fun. Now I totally want to see Rise Against in concert.
Thank you St. Nicolas (parents) for getting us those tickets on the 6th. You rock almost as much as the band. Almost.

So, the foreband, The New 1920 were great too, very very good, I'd like to see more of them, the second foreband (The Blackout) was a waste of time in my opinion (by the way, I'm not sure how many bands there are with that name, but the one we saw was just... ugh). All they did was a load of primitive screaming, (Dude I came for the music, I can scream down a mike at home myself thank you very much.) and their playing didn't sound much like music either. And they were just trying to sell their album. I mean... fair enough you want to sell, but we hear them the first time they mentioned it.
And the second.
And third.
Fourth, Fifth, Sixth...

And the Lostprophets... hell. During the first two bands it was relatively calm, we were near the middle/back in front of the lights-dashboard-whatever-you-call-it-I-don't-know-lots-of-switches-box, leaning against the bars.
When the Lostprophets started playing we kinda decided we were in danger of getting crushed against these bars and we tried to move to the front. We got properly into the crowd and the temperature instantly shot up like... 10 degrees or something.

Damn, we got second row! We could actually see the band :XD:
Sooooo awesome.
At first it was kinda strange getting pushed about and everything (first concert :XD), but after a while we really got into it and were joining in with the rest of the crowd.
Heh- it was like a fullbody workout. Good thing the security guys were passing water through the first few rows.
Somebody actually collapsed near the end. As the leadsinger put it "We have a casualty of Rock."
People were crowddiving the whole time, and the leadsinger and the guitarrist did stagediving XD People kept trying to steal their shoes.

We came out of there, it looked as if we'd had a shower, we were soaked through and our clothes just kind of instantly turned to ice when we stepped outside (so cold... brrrr). Okay, I exaggerated a bit, but we were greatful to be picked up by my father in the car, instead of having to go by train.
Dude, I sat on a receipt by accident and when I got up it was just a piece of paper mush. That's how wet we were XD
Even my belt was wet.

So anyway, check out the Lostprophets if you have a chance, they're really great (and no, I'm not biased just because I'm Welsh. :XD: Oh god, and there was Welsh people at the concert and it's so great to hear people with a Welsh accent again. And the Germans didn't understand what the hell the singer was on about most of the time :D
Ian: "Do you want to go home?"
Crowd: "Nooooooo!"
Ian: "Are you sure?"
Crowd: "Noooooo!"
Ian: "?! What?"
He made some sort of comment about it then which was pretty entertaining, even more so because only English speakers laughed at it :) Poor Germans.

PS: I think I totally messed up on my Chemistry test. And it's the week before the holidays, so I don't even care. (I'll probably care when I get it back XD.) I'm totally ditching Chemistry at the end of the year.

PPS: Crossposted to my DA Account
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Naruto Fanart [Nov. 24th, 2006|08:45 pm]
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Hi, new to LJ and new to chuunin :)

Have some Naruto Fanart



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Hi... [Nov. 24th, 2006|07:34 pm]
Hi, and welcome to my LJ!
I'm not sure what your expecting to find here, but I'll mainly be posting random stuff that is interesting to me and dump some art here too. I will probably just use it to procrastinate when I'm actually meant to be doing "important stuff". Such as homework.
And I will most likely talk about karate. A lot.

So, a little bit about me.

Name: Ffion
Nickname: Ffufi
Birthday: 2.1.1989
Hobbies: Karate, Reading, Drawing, Ballett,
Fandoms: Bleach, Deathnote, Naruto, Detective Conan
Music: Rise Against, Sum41, The Automatic, Lostprophets, SR-71, Bullett for my Valentine, Blind Guardian
Collections: Dragons, Manga, any sort of puzzles, Bones (if I can get them XD), (Dreamcatchers, Dice, Quotes, kind of)

And a picture.

Link to my DeviantArt Account

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