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Endings and Beginnings [Mar. 2nd, 2008|02:08 pm]
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(Crossposted from Deviantart)

There's a lot of stuff been going on recently, but now, finally, I'm in my last year of school and racing towards the end.
After almost 13 years of school I'm glad it's coming to an end. I feel a lot of it was wasted, but actually, a lot of my artistic talent was developed during school XD
No thank to the teachers of course who were frequently removing pencil and paper from my possession by force to stop me drawing during their lessons, but many an inspired drawing was created during boring geography lessons and my bag was stuffed with drawings every day I returned from primary school.
So that's finally done with, I'm in the middle of my main final tests and the first one has gone well I think, so I'm not terribly worried.

I'm currently finishing up my portfolio that I will be handing in at an artschool tomorrow to apply. Wish me luck, I'll need it :)

Right, so school is ending.
Um... Anybody out there remember This?
I was actually serious about that but somhow never had the time/courage/motivation to actually sit down and throw myself into it.
(Oh God, was that really almost a year ago?! I'm pathetic. And school is a bitch.)

After school I will seriously begin working on my artistic abilities, hopefully on a whole new level, and hopefully artschool will also help me there.
My absolute dream is one day to put down the ideas floating around in my head in comic form, but I have a long way to go until there, but I do want to do it.

As previously stated I feel stuck, but believe I am able to do a whole lot more.
I've come this far, I now the only thing keeping me from going further is a bit of courage to actually take the first step, and a whole lot of hard work.
There's no reason I can't improve.

I will have a lot of spare time to begin with after school and in that time I will start working towards my goal.
(You're welcome to come kick my arse around if you feel I'm not doing it :) )

So that's it considering past and future for now...

Updated my Deviantart page with some Aesop's Fables Pictures.

Saw Bullet for my Valentine live in Hamburg on the 16th of February, they were great and apart from a few bruises I received from various moshpits, circlepits and walls of death I survived XD There's quite a few good bands coming round our way soon, hope I have the time/money to go see all of them...

On a final note, I'm really looking forward to the Easter Holidays. I mean, I always do, it's just this time it's a sort of honest looking-forward-to-holidays thing and not just the "oh-my-god-I-finally-don't-have-school-for-a-bit-again" and then I just collapse over the holidays and do squat.
It's just "I'm looking forward to my holidays because they're holidays."

Did that even make sense?

PS: An extremely belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone.
I love you all!